Meet Nimi Attanayake

Nim is Director and co-founder of nimtim architects and part of the new design team bringing forward fresh ideas for the future of the Aylesham site. We caught up with her recently to discuss her background and what her team are working on currently.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into architecture.

I was born in Dulwich Hospital and raised nearby in Herne Hill. My large and close family are originally from Sri Lanka. My interest in architecture came from a very young age and largely from seeing my family involved within the built environment.

I met my husband Tim at university and in 2013 we set up our practice nimtim architects, which has been shaped by our experience as an adoptive family living in this part of South London.

How has it been working on the site as a locally-based practice?

We have been involved in helping shape our local built environment since setting up our practice in East Dulwich. We have regularly held workshops in local schools and hosted work experience students from local secondaries. As part of Re-Set-Go, we worked with university students from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds to map the Peckham area – this work involved talking with local shop owners and walking / mapping the local streets.

How have you found the walk and talk sessions with local people?

The walk and talk sessions have been incredibly valuable to gain feedback from local people. These are supporting ongoing collaboration and relationship-building with the community, which we feel is inextricably linked to the success of our design.  

What are you focusing on at the moment?

We are currently working on a historic and character analysis of both the wider Peckham area and more specifically the Aylesham site. We are currently analysing the existing nature and character of streets and spaces as well as highlighting existing characteristics.

We are keen for the Aylesham site to contribute positively to the character of Peckham and help support the local community. We feel it presents an opportunity to continue Peckham’s emerging importance as a centre of creativity without keeping Rye Lane a focus for vibrancy and diversity.

What has been most interesting for you so far in exploring the history of the site and its surroundings?

Through analysing the historical evolution of Peckham and the Aylesham Centre we have been able to highlight the history of (almost constant) change which helps us to understand and define its development. This is helping us to identify how we can best contribute to the vibrancy, diversity and creativity of Peckham via our design approach.

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