We have been working with local organisations to establish a Community Champions Panel.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that the redevelopment reflects the character and needs of Peckham.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that the redevelopment reflects the character and needs of Peckham, we have been working with local organisations and communities to put together a Community Champions Panel (CCP).

This is a diverse and broadly representative group of local people, with a range of lived experiences, requirements, and support needs. The CCP is working collaboratively with the design team to help shape the design approach on the project. 

We received nominations from several local groups for CCP members –  the CCP currently consists of 6 young people, 5 over-60s, 3 wheelchair users and 10 people of Black/ Black African heritage from the local area.  

The CCP is discussing various topics relating to the masterplan, from spaces and places to topics such as safety and inclusivity. Members take part in creative workshops and activities including collage, model making, writing and storytelling, working together to communicate their own experiences as well as the experiences of others in order to influence and shape design. The meetings take place once a month at the Consultation Hub inside the Aylesham Shopping Centre.  

We held our first CCP workshop session in February, where we introduced the group to the project, collectively established our roles and responsibilities and got involved in creative activities around how to make the ground floor and journeys across the site feel welcoming and inclusive for all.  

During our second workshop session in March, the group shared their thoughts on creating safe, inviting, and inclusive journeys through the masterplan. They looked at different moments along the proposed route from Rye Lane to Morrisons, working with members of the design team to create collages conveying their ideas. 

The CCP members have been enjoying getting to know each other and learning about the planning and design process. We’re excited to continue working with the CCP over the next few months. 


The group have provided some great insights into their current experiences and hopes for the development. Here are some of the ways that their feedback has helped to shape the designs: 

  • Members of the Panel shared that the journey from Rye Lane to Morrisons should feel safe and inviting; we have been exploring levels of enclosure to help the space feel more open and accessible.  
  • Young people said that they would like to see more safe spaces for them to meet; we have provided specific dwelling spaces within the public realm for young people to meet, that are safe and welcoming. 
  • All Panel members wanted to be able to move across the green spaces with ease with clear views across, especially wheelchair users; we are looking at ways to provide more connectivity in the public realm area. 
  • The Panel wanted to celebrate the existing character and heritage of the site with the use of interesting shapes in the new buildings such as arches; we have now incorporated arches along the Rye Lane buildings and in some of the buildings within the masterplan. 

Do get in touch with the team via the details below if you’d like to learn more about the Community Champions Panel or have any further questions at this stage. 

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